Have you ever wondered why you need to bring your child to the doctor every year even after they have received all their childhood immunizations?

It may be unclear why annual Well Child Checks are important. Your child isn’t growing as fast and you probably have fewer questions about his/her development!  Some camp and sports activities require a physical, but otherwise does your child need to see their doctor yearly for a Well Child Check?

The answer is YES! During your child’s yearly Well Child Check the doctor will:

  • Assess your child’s overall growth and development
  • Check for potential major medical issues
  • Encourage positive behaviors such as exercise and healthy eating habits
  • Check for missed immunizations or boosters
  • Screen for dental, vision and hearing problems
  • Address questions about growth, development, nutrition, socialization, education, etc…
  • Conduct a urine screen
  • Check for scoliosis
  • Take height, weight and blood pressure measurements
  • Check cardiac health
  • Conduct diabetes screening
  • Assess for signs of puberty

Another important reason to schedule annual Well Child Checks for your child is so they develop a trusting relationship with their doctor! It is important that your child get to know and trust his/her doctor so that if and when they ever have health problems or questions they will feel comfortable talking to their doctor. In addition, it sets a healthy habit for the remainder of their lives!