Covenant Pediatrics and Dr. Alan Getts are both happy and sad to announce that Dr. Getts will be retiring from his pediatric practice at the end of this month. In fact, due to a Memorial Day week vacation, Dr. Getts’ last day at the Grovetown office will be May 24th.

Dr. Getts has been a pediatrician in the CSRA since 1984 (34 years!). From 1984 until 1993 Dr. Getts practiced at the Fort Gordon pediatric clinic. After a brief time as MCG faculty, Dr. Getts and Dr. Steve Jones started the first Pediatric Partners of Augusta in 1994. In 2005 Dr. Getts started a new and his current group, Covenant Pediatrics.

Dr. Getts intends to remain in the area and connected to our practice. He will work part-time in the Covenant Pediatrics after-hours clinic, our weekend clinic, and at Kids Prompt Care in downtown Augusta.

With Dr. Getts’ retirement, the Grovetown location of Covenant Pediatrics will close. Dr. Getts encourages all of his current patients to call the office and make the choice of a new primary pediatrician in our group.

For patients close to the Peach Orchard Road office, Dr. Getts recommends Dr. Jacqueline Vivar. She is our new and awesome pediatrician and is accepting new patients. Patients who desire to use the Martinez office should choose Carlee Leopard, PNP; Dr. David Fisher; or Dr. Laura Hartmann as their new pediatrician.

Covenant Pediatrics will keep the Grovetown office phone operating until the end of June. That will give everyone time to call us for information, choose a new pediatrician, and arrange for a first appointment.

We want Dr. Getts’ patients to know that Covenant Pediatrics will do our very best to maintain sound continuity of care as your children transition to a new primary provider. We all appreciate your long standing love and loyalty to our group, and we look forward to serving your children’s pediatric needs for many, many years to come.