At Covenant Pediatrics we are blessed to have two fantastic Physician Assistants (PA) who love pediatrics.¬† Both the Grovetown and Peach Orchard Road offices have one PA…and we are always impressed by their hard work?

To understand the training of physician assistants, think of it¬†as having an advanced Master’s Degree in medicine.¬† Before entering PA school a candidate must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree and have met prerequisite requirements in¬†bio-science.¬† PA school is an intense two years of classroom and clinical training – filled with lots of performance evaluations and examinations.¬† After graduation the new PA must pass the National Board exam¬†to be a Physician Assistant – Certified (PA-C).¬† Then, if approved by their state for licensing, they can begin work under the supervision of a licensed physician.

The CSRA has an abundance of high quality PA’s.¬† This is due to the high standards for admission and excellent training at the GRU PA School.¬† Due to an abundance of applicants every year, our local PA school gets the “pick of the litter,” and you can tell by the quality of their graduates.

Both of the PA’s working at Covenant Pediatrics are graduates of GRU and both exemplify the superior quality of GRU graduates!

In every day work, the PA works within a “scope” of practice that is defined by the supervising physician.¬† There are some patients and/or problems that the physician may prefer to see himself.¬† Also, the scope of practice of a PA at Covenant Pediatrics is limited to not include some of the complex problems that only the physician is trained to take care of.¬† For the most part, however, the PA and the doctor work side by side¬†attending to¬†the¬†day to day¬†pediatric¬†care that make up our practice.¬† The PA may work alone as long as the physician is available for consultation in person or by phone.¬† The supervising physician has the responsibility to be available for consultation at all times, for reviewing every PA chart, and for the continual training, education and guidance of their affiliated PA.

There may be times when¬†your child¬†is seen by a physician assistant followed by a¬†call or letter¬†from the supervising physician.¬† This is the result of our team¬†approach and the oversight that the physician exercises in the chart reviews.¬† Of course, the opposite may occur¬†as well…should the doctor see you first and the PA see the need for follow up communication,¬†they¬†will reach out to you.