Parent to Parent of Georgia

Covenant Pediatrics has become aware of ‚ÄúParent to Parent of Georgia.‚ÄĚ This is a family support organization for any Georgia family confronting medical or developmental challenges in their children. This is a great place to connect with other families facing similar challenges and/or just to learn better ways to help with medical, educational and social…

Pediatric Care

Lactation Consult with Carlee Leopard, CPNP

We are excited to announce we now have a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner on staff,¬†who is also a¬†Certified¬†Lactation Counselor!¬† A Lactation Counselor is¬†a professional breastfeeding specialist trained to teach¬†mothers how to feed their baby. She can help if you¬†are experiencing¬†breastfeeding problems, such as uncomfortable positioning,¬†latching difficulties, painful nursing, babies who aren’t gaining enough weight,¬†or low milk…

Fever in Infants

When your body is fighting an infection it produces some chemicals that raise your body temperature. Some elevation in temperature can be good because your immune system functions better at slightly higher temperatures. When the temperature goes over 102 degrees children tend to get more irritable.

Bronchiolitis and Your Young Child

Respiratory illnesses caused by viruses are some of the most common health problems in infancy. The common cold is the one we see most often. Bronchiolitis is another. Because of its symptoms, bronchiolitis can be scary for parents as well as children. This brochure explains what bronchiolitis is, as well as its causes, symptoms, and treatments.