Dr. Getts Retires

Covenant Pediatrics and Dr. Alan Getts are both happy and sad to announce that Dr. Getts will be retiring from his pediatric practice at the end of this month. In fact, due to a Memorial Day week vacation, Dr. Getts‚Äô last day at the Grovetown oÔ¨Éce will be May 24th. Dr. Getts has been a…

Enterovirus 68 information

More & more people are asking about the respiratory virus outbreak affecting children in different parts of the country including Georgia.¬† The virus drawing attention is enterovirus type 68. Most enterovirus types are common and do not cause serious illness however¬†type 68 causes more respiratory problems than most enterovirus types. This¬†respiratory virus¬†spreads much like the…

Fever in Infants

When your body is fighting an infection it produces some chemicals that raise your body temperature. Some elevation in temperature can be good because your immune system functions better at slightly higher temperatures. When the temperature goes over 102 degrees children tend to get more irritable.

CSRA Baby and More Expo

Mark your calendars for the  5th Annual CSRA Baby and More Expo  February 6th 2016 The Partridge Inn  Admission is free.